TIME TO SHINE is a musical theatre workshop for kids ages 4 through 14.  Our primary purpose is to allow children to express themselves through song and dance.  The kids will dance, sing and act!

Each TIME TO SHINE theatre workshop incorporates music, movement, pantomime, and improvisation.  This allows the children to learn about acting, dancing, singing, and theatre terminology.  In addition to these activities, during the TIME TO SHINE classes the children prepare and practice a variety of routines, and choreographed production numbers. 

A culmination of the classes' enthusiastic efforts and talents are presented in a musical theatre production showcase when it is indeed...the kids "Time To Shine"!!!

TIME TO SHINE has been created to give children the opportunity to participate in a staged theatre production just for the "FUN of it"!!!!

Within a comfortable and creative atmosphere, TIME TO SHINE encourages each child to participate and share in this unique experience, which promotes self-confidence and poise, and helps in the development of a positive self image and high self-esteem!!

Currently TIME TO SHINE has two program locations. Programs are available throughout the school year in Rockville Centre.  If you are a member of Atlantic Beach Club, join our summer program!

Contact us today to learn more!!!

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